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Caring for an animal, whether new or current, can be a daunting task to some. With so many resources our there, it is sometimes difficult to decipher the appropriate information.

We are here to help guide you through this process, to serve as a funnel for this information so you do not have to do the digging. These resources have been carefully selected through our own experience and research. They are scientifically-backed, adapted to possess the most up-to-date information for you.

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Our board of directors & executive officers maintain the inner workings of Archie's Angels. They ensure that paperwork is up-to-date with the state, serve as a resource for volunteers, schedule veterinary appointments for fosters, and operate fundraisers.



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Kay's responsibilities as secretary are to maintain monthly meeting minutes, record keeping, communicate important announcements to volunteers, and to serve as a general educational resource.




Katrina has always had a passion for often “misunderstood” animals. She had a small anole as a child, but what she really wanted was a bigger reptile, like a bearded dragon. Like a lot of kids, Katrina was told to wait until she was adult.

Fast forward 18 years later, and Katrina woke up one day realizing, “I’m 24 and have my own place. I can get any reptile I want to!” This epiphany quickly led her to Archie’s, where she found Hades the Ball Python.

Now, Katrina and Hades visit schools to present about ball pythons in the wild, their natural habitat, and their anatomy. Their main goal is helping children conquer their fear of snakes in an educational way.

Outside of Archie’s, Katrina works as a legal assistant, raises chickens, and enjoys mystery podcasts, snowshoeing, digital art, and losing at Super Smash Bros. 

As treasurer, Katrina manages the organization's financial income & expenses, seeks out sponsorships & grants, creates fundraisers, and focuses on general outreach with the public. She also coordinates much of our social media outreach.



Rochelle's interest began in elementary school, finding snakes & turtles outside, studying their behaviors, relocating them for neighbors, & moving them to safety. As she grew older, she began to work more with them, taking in neglected reptiles & bringing them back to health before re-homing them. This continued through college, and is something she still does and is very passionate about today.

While her primary interest is in bearded dragons & pythons, she also loves working with frogs & other amphibians. Her ultimate goal is to raise awareness about herpetology and educate the public that, though they may be advertised by pet stores as easy pets, they are actually very complex in their behaviors & their care.

Outside of working with reptiles, amphibians, & other animals, she can be found working on cosplay, hiking & exploring the outdoors, and reading anything from science textbooks to fantasy novels.

Rochelle served as secretary for Archie's Angels for 3 years before she offered to take on the Adoption & Foster Coordinator position. She has since passed on her duties as Adoption & Foster Coordinator, and now aids in inventory management to help distribute supplies & feeders to our fosters.

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Jacob is the primary contact for inquiring adopters & fosters alike, determines where an animal would best be placed within our foster network, and oversees all veterinary records from appointments.

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