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This is what identifies us. Our logo is displayed wherever we go. It helps the general public understand who we are and creates a sense of familiarity when one sees it. Learn about the story behind our logo and what it has evolved into.

Print 2022.png

2018 - 2022

Logo PNG (Small).png

This is the original Archie's Angels logo. This features our name against a painted gradient. When we were first established, our volunteers put their artistic skills to use and donated their work to earn profit for our vision. The paint represents the creativity of our volunteers. Having earned enough profit, we became established with the state in February 2020 as an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization due to volunteer donations alone.

Featured to the left of the text is our first identifying icon:

Archie's footprint. Shortly after he passed, Raija and her mother Kim obtained Archie's footprint with black paint on paper. Wanting to represent Archie, the namesake of our organization, we used this as our first identifying logo.

Don't forget to read up on Archie's story below.

2022 - Present

Logo 2022 [large font].png

April of 2022, Archie's Angels underwent a logo change. This featured many of the same aspects as the original logo: our name, painted gradient background, and the colors. We wanted to maintain something similar so our followers would not become confused once the update was launched.

There were two main additions with this rendition. The text beneath our name signifies what we stand for. Education, rescue, and rehabilitation are all important aspects within our organization. Hundreds of animals pass through our care and we wanted the general public to understand that we are not a hobbyist group - we are an educational resource and shelter for herpetological creatures.

In addition to the text, we updated the footprint. Before, this featured Archie's very own print. As it was, however, we realized that his print had come across as a bit muddled and not very "foot-shaped." We had lost Suka the Asian Water Monitor just a month prior to the update. After he had passed, we received a beautiful footprint from him that embodied what we had been searching for. We wanted to maintain a similar design to what Archie provided us with. Our organization revolves around the animals, and what better way to represent this than with a print from one of our very own ambassadors? It was for this reason that we replaced Archie's original footprint with Suka's own.

Read Suka's story over at our ambassador's page.

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