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Interested in adding a new animal to your family? We are here to assist you through the process, whether this would be your first reptile or you have plenty of experience behind you. Bringing a new animal into your home is an extensive process, and because of this, we never force an adoption on someone. We want to ensure that you are fully prepared for your new addition.

Every animal that comes into our care is placed into a foster home. This ensures that the animal is receiving daily care, attention, and that all of their needs are being met.

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Every animal that comes into our care is guaranteed a veterinary exam and continued care. An animal will not be adopted out without prior veterinary examination.

Why do we do this?

We want to ensure that we have a starting point for each animal. There have been many times that, when an animal is relinquished to us, we have no medical history. By providing that initial veterinary exam, we create a starting point. This way, we can let you know if there are any health concerns noted by our veterinarian.

Please understand that, while we provide this service for every animal that comes into our care, there may be health issues unknown to us that may arise in the future after adoption. Because of this, we strongly recommend becoming established with a primary care veterinarian. Bringing your animal in for yearly exams can reduce the chance of an emergency and alert you of any health concerns after adoption.

We work through Dr. Sarah Wolfe at the Animal Hospital of De Pere for routine wellness & emergency cases.



When you adopt a new animal, we want to ensure that you fully understand the necessities & requirements needed to care for your new companion. When you apply, you will speak with one of our board members to discuss the animal you are interested in and what your knowledge is on that species.

Haven't owned that species before? No worries!
We are here to educate you about herpetological husbandry and what you can expect from the animal you are applying for.


Our education doesn't stop once you bring your new companion home. We are available to answer any questions that develop during your new experience. We want you to know and understand that you are not alone during this process. Our pride will never be more important than our animals, and we want to ensure that they are receiving the best care possible once they leave a foster home. We are an educational resource and always will be. Once an animal is a part of Archie's Angels, they will always be a part of the Archie's Angels family.

As we are not veterinarians ourselves, we will always recommend seeking veterinary advice if your animal is displaying symptoms of illness. We can only speak from experience & scientific case studies, and if we do not have an answer for you, we will find someone who does.



Interested in applying for adoption? We encourage you to reach out to us so we can help you through the process.

Here's what you should research prior to adoption:

  1. Do I understand the husbandry requirements for the species I am interested in?

  2. Do I have the space and appropriately-sized enclosure & resources to house this animal at its full, adult size?

  3. Is this animal allowed to be housed at my current residence? Have I checked my local ordinances to ensure that I am legally allowed to bring this animal into my home?

  4. Do I have a primary care veterinarian chosen for the animal I am interested in?
    Am I financially able to provide veterinary care for the entirety of this animal's life?

  5. Have I spoken with others in my home about bringing this animal into our family?

These questions are just a few of many that you should be able to confidently answer when applying for adoption through us. We want to ensure that the adopted animal is placed in the appropriate home, and conducting research prior to adoption is one of the responsibilities you possess as an owner.

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