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Archie's Angels is dedicated to educate and reinforce proper herpetological husbandry and animal welfare within our community. We use scientific case studies and explanations to reiterate why this knowledge is essential.


By igniting the fire of learning, an individual will want to know more, and the more a person knows, they will come to care about that topic. We want to share the extraordinary world of herpetology with you, because the more you know, the more you want to do something for these magnificent creatures.

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Schools, veterinary hospitals, and libraries are a few of the places we visit. We want you to understand these animals just as we do. Our ambassador animals travel along with us to teach about their stories and why we do what we do.

Through this, we strive to make a better future through education.


By expanding our own knowledge with scientific case studies, we better ourselves in being able to help you and your animals. We speak through our own experiences and education. If we cannot find an answer for you, we will direct you toward someone who does.

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We are here to help those in need. We work with a variety of organizations, including but not limited to humane societies, veterinary offices, other rescues, and you. We are a foster-based rescue program that networks throughout the entire state of Wisconsin.


Some of our rescues may have had a difficult past, but we strive to make their lives as comfortable as possible. We do this through routine visits with our veterinarian, Dr. Sarah Wolfe. Every single animal that passes through our care is guaranteed a veterinary exam to determine a starting point. Whatever they may need beyond that, our volunteers ensure they receive medication, supplements, and treatment to guarantee that the animal can live a full, healthy life.

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