President & Founder

At a young age, Raija found a fascination with herpetological wildlife, discovering toads and garter snakes in her own backyard. This passion continued as she grew older, learned about other reptiles and amphibians, and adopted her first reptile - a leopard gecko named Oz who still resides with

her today.

Her passion lays in monitor lizards due to their unique personalities and intelligence. Frilled dragons became a quick favorite of hers after taking in Gideon, a frilled dragon who required a new home.

Outside of Archie's Angels, she enjoys making costumes for cosplay, writing, Dungeons & Dragons, and playing

video games when not studying for her degree as a CVT.



Rochelle's interest began in elementary school, finding snakes & turtles outside, studying their behaviors, relocating them for neighbors, & moving them to safety. As she grew older, she began to work more with them, taking in neglected reptiles & bringing them back to health before

re-homing them. This continued through college, and is something she still does and is very passionate about today.

While her primary interest is in bearded dragons & pythons, she also loves working with frogs & other amphibians. Her ultimate goal is to raise awareness about herpetology and educate the public that, though they may be advertised by pet stores as easy pets, they are actually very complex in their behaviors & their care.

Outside of working with reptiles, amphibians, & other animals, she can be found working on cosplay, hiking & exploring the outdoors, and reading anything from science textbooks to fantasy novels.



Vice President

Lindsay has been keeping reptiles for over 10 years. Although they love all the animals they have worked with, Lindsay's biggest passion is for snakes.


Lindsay, Sarah, and their kids (Tristan and Sydney) all enjoy volunteering and fostering through Archie’s Angels. Reptiles are a family passion that they love to share with friends and the community.


In addition to reptiles, Lindsay also has a passion for music. They can play many instruments, but their favorite is the drums.



Sarah has been keeping reptiles for about 10 years. She has a strong passion for arachnids, primarily tarantulas, in which she keeps over 20.


Outside of Archie's Angels, she has a terrarium business with Lindsay. Together, they make custom backgrounds, bioactive enclosures, and breed isopods.


In her free time, she enjoys cooking, gardening, and spending time with her kids and close friends.



Adoption Coordinator

Dawn fell in love with reptiles after moving from Milwaukee to a small rural town where her wooded yard was home to many toads, garter snakes, and fox snakes. Several teachers in middle and high school had classroom reptiles, such as a green iguana and a garter snake. As an adult, she keeps several species of snakes, geckos, and invertebrates.


As an avid learner, she is always looking to better her husbandry and that of others to ensure that these animals receive the best care they can. Education is paramount to keeping these animals and preserving the wild species as well. 


Outside of her work with reptiles and invertebrates, she works on cosplay and other sewing projects, playing video games, and reading.